The 3 Best Wedding Videographers in Grand Rapids


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A wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event that couples dream of and plan for months, if not years, to make it perfect. It’s a day that is filled with love, happiness, and cherished memories. While photographs capture those moments in time, wedding videos have become increasingly popular in recent years because they allow couples to relive their special day with motion, sound, and heightened emotion.

A wedding video can be a time capsule that transports your back to the emotions felt on your special day.

In Michigan, the demand for wedding films has been on the rise, and couples have many options when it comes to choosing a wedding videographer. However, selecting the right videographer can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of the 3 best wedding videographers in Grand Rapids! 

Let’s dive in.


Who are the 3 Best Grand Rapids Videographers?

  1. Mid-July Media
  2. SJK Productions
  3. Paul Matthew Media


Mid-July Media

Having filmed weddings for seven years (and counting), Mid-July Media is a wedding videographer that focuses on both the practicality and cinematic beauty of your wedding day. Their films include all important moments (speeches, first kiss, etc.) while the editing is energetic & cinematic. They know how to make you cry (for real).

Mid-July also works with couples to build a film custom-tailored for you— you won’t get a copy & paste wedding film.

Packages are affordable and offer tons of extras without extra charges. Couples can book up to two videographers for weddings anywhere in Michigan. 

Why to book with Mid-July Media:

  • Easy to work with & no-nonsense planning
  • Custom films (moods, styles)
  • Very affordable


To book with Mid-July Media, submit a message on their website.


SJK Productions

SJK Productions has filmed hundreds of weddings, and is a trusted source by many couples for straightforward, effortless wedding videography. Their service to wedding couples is sharp and tested. Plus, since friendships are strong among wedding vendors, they’re likely good friends with your wedding photographer & DJ. 

Packages are available in a variety of combinations for many budgets. 

Why to book with SJK Productions:

  • Team of videographers – more date options
  • Easy to work with
  • Travels anywhere


To book with SJK Productions, visit their website.


Paul Matthew Media

Paul Matthew Media is a Grand Rapids-based videographer who concentrates on the cinematic beauty of the film. The films created by Paul Matthew are realistic and grounded, but are moving. The quality of films they produce is top-notch, and are created to withstand the test of time.

Paul, the videographer, is an easy-going & light-hearted personality. A great addition to any wedding day! 

Why to book with Paul Matthew Media:

  • Artistic, trendy film moods & vibes
  • High quality films
  • Great videographer personality


To book with Paul Matthew Media, visit their website.


Decisions, Decisions.

Choosing a wedding videographer is a significant decision, and we hope that this article has provided you with valuable information to help you make the right choice.

Remember to consider your budget, do your research, and choose a videographer whose style and portfolio align with your vision. Look for an experienced videographer with high-quality equipment and a transparent contract. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions and communicate openly with your videographer to ensure that your expectations are met.

We wish you all the best on your wedding day and hope that your wedding video will be a cherished memory that you can relive for years to come. Congratulations and happy planning!


Mid-July Media