The 6 Most Popular Wedding Themes in 2023


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When it comes to planning a wedding, choosing a theme can be an exciting way to personalize your big day and bring your vision to life. The wedding theme sets the tone for the overall atmosphere and can influence everything from the decor to the attire and even the your choice of videographer. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most popular wedding themes of recent years and provide inspiration and ideas to help you decide which theme is right for you. Whether you’re dreaming of a rustic outdoor celebration or a glamorous ballroom affair, read on to discover the latest trends and timeless classics in wedding themes.

Rustic or Bohemian

This theme typically features a relaxed and informal atmosphere with a focus on natural elements. This can include using wooden decor, such as crates, barrels, or lanterns, as well as incorporating greenery, such as garlands, wreaths, and centerpieces. Other popular rustic or bohemian wedding decor elements include dreamcatchers, macrame, and fairy lights. This theme is often held in outdoor locations like farms, gardens, or barns, with a casual dress code and comfortable seating options.


A vintage wedding theme often features a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, with an emphasis on antique decor and soft pastel colors. The bride’s dress may be a vintage style, and the groom and groomsmen may wear suspenders, bow ties, or hats. The decor could include vintage table settings, old-fashioned typewriters, and retro signs. This theme can be held in various venues, such as historic homes, museums, or vintage-style restaurants.

Beach or tropical

This theme is popular for couples who want a relaxed and casual wedding with a fun atmosphere. The decor may include seashells, starfish, and coral, along with tropical flowers and greenery. The color scheme is usually bright and bold, with aqua blue, coral pink, or sunny yellow. The couple and guests may dress in comfortable and airy clothing, and the reception could feature a seaside-inspired menu, such as seafood or fruit cocktails.

Modern or minimalist

A modern or minimalist wedding theme emphasizes simplicity, clean lines, and neutral colors. The decor can feature geometric shapes, metallic accents, and abstract designs. The ceremony and reception venues could be unconventional, such as an art gallery, a loft, or an industrial space. The wedding attire is often simple and elegant, with the bride wearing a sleek and modern dress and the groom in a fitted suit.

Garden or floral

A garden or floral wedding theme highlights the beauty of nature with an abundance of flowers and greenery. The decor may include floral arches, hanging flower arrangements, and floral centerpieces. The color palette is often pastel or soft hues, such as blush, lavender, or mint green. This theme is typically held in a garden or outdoor venue, with a romantic and whimsical atmosphere.

Glamorous or luxurious

A glamorous or luxurious wedding theme features opulent decor, such as crystal chandeliers, gold accents, and plush textiles. The bride’s dress may be elaborate with beading, embroidery, or lace. The color scheme is usually bold and dramatic, such as black and gold or deep red and navy. The venue could be a ballroom, a historic mansion, or a luxury hotel, and the reception could feature a gourmet menu and high-end cocktails.

These are just a few examples of the popular wedding themes, and couples may also choose to combine elements of different themes to create a unique and personalized wedding experience.

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