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Should I Have a First Look?


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The first look is hands down the most emotional moment in most wedding days. The tears flow, the makeup smears— all in the name of love.

Some couples don’t do much of a first look. Maybe the groom already has seen the dress, or maybe you’re a little less traditional. Or maybe you’d rather plan your entire day around!

While we can’t hand you the answer with a neat bow, we can help you make that decision for your Michigan wedding.

Yes— Plan a First Look! 

The first look is an amazing tradition! It still holds plenty of emotional significance, no matter when you do it.

If you pre-plan your first look, you’ll know it’ll be special and intimate. You can do it privately, or with the gaze of your family and friends. Either way, you get to call the shots (and that’s an amazing thing).

We always recommend to do your first look privately (with your photo/video team, of course), and to make it extra special with a letter or gift. If you read your vows or letters during your first look, your videographer will be able to record it! Plan some time alone, and embrace the moment. It’s a moment you’ll always remember.

No First Look— Save it for the Ceremony

When you save your first look for the ceremony, it becomes a moment of incredible shock and awe. Jaws drop, and tears flow. It’s honestly incredible.

There are several logistical challenges when planning for a ceremony reveal, though. The first of which being: Can you hide yourself for long enough?

If you chose to be separated prior to your ceremony, that means you won’t be able to do any group portraits with your wedding videographer or photographer; only solo portraits. If you have an early ceremony, then it works out great! If not, you’ll need to do some serious planning.

Next, does your Michigan wedding venue allow you to move around without being seen by your (future) husband? There will be times when you need to get out to use the restroom, take photos, etc., and if you can’t tuck your significant other away, your first look may end up being an unintentional one. Those aren’t fun.

Can you, the bride, hold your tears during the first look? You already know your groom can’t. Never overestimate the power of waterproof makeup. If it can flow, it will flow, and there won’t be time to touch things up in the middle of walking down the isle.

First Look Alternative— The First Touch

The “first touch” is a very common alternative to a first look! This is where you and your future spouse may stand back-to-back or around the corner from each other.

You might hold hands, read letters, pray, or say what’s on your mind, all without seeing each other. This is an amazing way to share your presence and emotions, all while saving the “shock and awe” for your ceremony.

The first touch also gives your wedding video and photo teams a chance to capture some extra-creative moments, that are unique to you.

Whichever way you take on your wedding day, be sure to loop your videographers and photographers in on your plans— we plan for each way a little different!

Still need a Wedding Videographer?

Give us a shout! We’d love to check our availability on your incredible day. Capturing wedding days are one of our passions, and it would be an honor to be part of yours.

We’ll even travel for any Michigan wedding, or anywhere in the Midwest. Let’s talk!


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